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Ready for a kickass 36-minute HIIT workout?

HIIT (high intensity interval training) is strength meets cardio. In each class, your trainer will be coaching you on how to “be a badass with a nice ass” by burning fat and building muscle!

Arianna Brusa, HIIT36 trainer, lunging

HIIT Live!

Join our video class to HIIT it Live with us! Instructors giving real-time feedback and encouragement to keep you motivated and keep your form on point. … Join our community for unlimited live classes or book one class at a time.

36 minutes of exercise with a warm-up and cool down, 45 minutes in total. Live classes are available weekday!


Stretch Live!

Our Stretch Instructor, Kelsey Decker, teaches a live class 1x/month. It’s the perfect time for questions about flexibility and any specific stretches you might need.… Join our community for unlimited live classes, or book one class at a time.

Stretch Live


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Take it from them...


HIIT36 is amazing! It's convenient as you can choose Live workouts or Recorded. Either way, you will for sure get your butt kicked and every muscle group will be sore!  Arianna coaches you every step of the way and pushes you to the limit. There is no slacking off!

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