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Cooking with Kelsie: Southwestern Turkey Burgers & Black Bean Burgers🍔 with Crispy Carrot Fries🥕

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Our first class of Cooking with Kelsie was an absolute success, resulting in healthy, new family favorites!

Pictured above is the Southwestern Turkey Burger with Crispy Carrot Fries.

Below are Protein Style Southwestern Black Bean Burgers with Crispy Carrot Fries.

Before class started, Kelsie, our Registered Dietician on team, had everyone prep their ingredients so the process from fridge to face was as seamless as possible. With all ingredients on deck, we were ready to get the cameras rolling. We started up our Zoom, talk about a company that has truly thrived during the pandemic, and got to cooking!

Kelsie led us all step by step through the process of making both the Turkey Burgers and the Black Bean Burgers with Carrot Fries on the side, all while explaining the nutritional benefits of the produce we were using.

Everyone on the call had such a great time laughing, asking questions, and cooking with like-minded people looking for delicious healthier options! Thank you to those who joined us, and can't wait to see more people on the next Cooking with Kelsie!😋

Below, you can find the tasty recipes, as written by Kelsie herself.

Burger and Carrot Recipe
Download PDF • 269KB

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