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What if I get bored with working out?

Do you find yourself getting bored with fitness? Maybe you've been adding to or switching up your routine, but it still feels like you're going through the motions. You're thinking, "ok I'm healthy, and trying to keep things fresh, but it's all a bit mundane." So...what do you do if you get bored with working out?

This is such a great question that I'm sure a lot of people have wondered! I think most people get bored with working out at some point.

Is a fit life just a never ending cycle of new workouts, diets, and fitness communities trying to keep us engaged every time we lose interest? The answer is...maybe. That works for some people, but if it doesn't work for you, have no fear, it's not the ONLY option! Hopefully the options and tips below help you figure out what works for you.

Sometimes you need to push through We've all had that feeling when you really don’t want to do something, but once you start, you're so happy you did. Working out is like that sometimes. It’s totally normal to get into a slump, no matter how much you love it! Sometimes the key is to just keep going. There are times where I've felt this and I just take the intensity down a notch. I commit to a 10-minute core burnout, or some feel-good mobility work. More often than not, it leads to a longer workout because I always feel so much better once I get started. So start there! If you’re still not feeling it…

Sometimes you need to reevaluate your goals Be super honest: are your goals ACTUALLY challenging you? Or are you just going through the motions? When I'm not challenging myself, I know I get bored. But when a goal really tests you, reaching benchmarks, and eventually achieving your goal, becomes addicting, never boring. So go back to the drawing board and figure out your “why”. Maybe it has changed, and that is totally fine! Just work through that and figure out what your goals (new or renewed) are.

Sometimes you need a break

A break can be part of the process. It doesn’t mean fitness is taking the back seat, your priorities have changed, or that you’re being lazy. If your workouts stop bringing you joy and the thought of a new workout doesn’t sound like what you need, it may be time for a break. Refresh your spirit with a new activity…or no activity. Maybe you need to focus on your mental health or maybe you just need a little more freedom in your routine. Depending on how much time you take off, you'll typically have to build back up to get to where you left off. But that new challenge will reignite your spark and your “why.” Sometimes you need to acknowledge how far you’ve come Make sure to give yourself credit where it’s due.

I am my biggest critic and downplay my accomplishments sometimes. I think a lot of us are guilty of this. But that kind of response takes away so much joy from the results you've already created! Soak it in, because you deserve it. When I take the time to appreciate what I've accomplished so far, I become even more motivated to see what else I can do.

No matter what, you know what you need Hopefully these tips help, but ultimately, you have to do you, booboo! You know yourself better than anyone. If you're getting bored with working out, or any part of your routine, don’t stress. Just make small changes and keep your focus on your “why” to help guide you.

And if you have any questions, I'm always here for you!

💜 - Arianna

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