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Printable November Calendar!

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

November is full of amazing things!! Fall weather (in California), my birthday ;), Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday), and can you believe that November is going to start in just a couple of days?! That is wild...2020 has been flying by, and there are mixed feelings about how life has been in this year of perfect vision. But what many of us can agree on, is that no matter what outside forces may bring to disrupt our patterns, we need to take control of the things we can control.

Remember the “Freshman 15” as kids going off to college would gain weight? It seems the trend for those stuck at home with lack of distraction and physical activity are gravitating towards the “Quarantine 15”!

If this is you, and the damage has been done, it's time to fix that! So peel yourself off that couch, wipe that Dorito cheese powder off your face, and let's get to work.

If you’ve been able to keep yourself moving and in shape, that is great! Here’s just another way to level up and stay consistent.

Our HIIT36 family has stayed together because of community, accountability, and kick ass workouts.💪🏾 For anyone who needs a little more accountability to stick to a plan, and for those who feel the utmost satisfaction from drawing an "X" or a "√" next to a completed task, I give you......drum roll......the November Calendar!!

My hope in creating this printable calendar is that you find it valuable in aiding you along your fitness journey. I’m here to guide you in workouts, but it's up to you to show up and successfully check off the tasks for the day.

And, yes, I know that Thanksgiving is a glorious holiday of spending time with loved ones gathered around a table of dry turkey and cranberry sauce that slithered out of a can, but 36 minutes of working out plus 10 minutes of stretching is still possible! You don’t need to take half the week off.

If you need to shuffle around some of the days, this is YOUR calendar, so work through it in a way that works for you. I'm here to guide you and give you the tools you need to be successful in your journey and I hope this can be a valuable one to add to your tool chest!

If you know you need to get consistent and stay accountable, especially with holidays approaching, you can check out all the workout options we offer on our Plans and Pricing Page.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact me through the website.

Cheers to a new month!

- Arianna

Download Calendar
Download PDF • 83KB

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