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Is it ok if you don't want your body to change?

It's important to always have a Why in mind when committing to a healthier lifestyle. It's typical for people on their fitness journey to have a goal that includes the words "leaner", "toned", "more defined", "skinnier", "heavier", "more muscular", you get it. But for some people, perhaps you included, they don't necessarily want to see a physical change. Other potential Whys relate to "feeling more energized", "releasing stress", "keep my body moving".

Most advice on the internet is geared towards: Shrinking the waist. Growing the booty. Toning the arms. But it's rare to see something like, “follow this workout plan to manage your stress” or “check out this before and after of my client’s blood pressure!”

It all comes down to what motivates YOU! Is it the aesthetic or is it the "therapy" of movement? Neither one is the right answer, and maybe you even have a different answer all together. So long as you're going about achieving your goals in a healthy and holistic way I'm here for it. But whatever your Why is, remind yourself of it daily. Write it down or put it somewhere you can see it every day so you maintain a clear vision of what you are trying to accomplish.

Your goals are just that, YOURS! So whatever they may be, I'm here to help you reach them. We're in this together. :)

- Arianna

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