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Healthy Travel Tips for Your Next Vacay

Do you have a vacation coming up? Work travel? Do you plan on staying relatively healthy while away? No one likes to come home from a trip feeling like they blew all of their hard work over bottomless margaritas, endless food, and staying up until 2 a.m. So don’t do it! I want to encourage you to have fun, loosen up, and experience things you don’t typically do at home. However, it’s also easy to plan ahead, be mindful, and incorporate some healthy travel hacks so that you come home feeling good.

You’ve heard about staying hydrated, not having excessive amounts of alcohol, adjusting to time zones, working out a little, etc. All of which are well and good, but here are some tips that maybe you haven’t heard, and can help you stay on your game.

  1. Prep your daily supplements in little baggies or pouches, or however you like to store them. That way, you can always have at least a couple bags with you in case you’re on a plane, or in a car, and don’t want to, or can’t go digging through your suitcase and toiletries bag.

  2. Pack healthy food. Healthy snacks that you can have with you throughout the day will keep you from grabbing prepackaged junk at the nearest convenience store, and overeating during your bigger meals. Plus, as a bonus, you’ll save money by bringing your own tasty and healthy snack packs along.

  3. Be your own bartender. Sometime we forget that those daiquiris can be upwards of 500 calories! If you know you’re going to be drinking more alcohol than normal, pack some zero to low calorie mixers and act as your own bartender. Just ask for a vodka soda, then add your own flavored water drops, or even some BCAAs or flavored electrolytes. Not only will you dodge a lot of sugar, but might even save yourself from a hangover or two.

  4. Make breakfast in your room. If your hotel room has a coffee maker you can use the hot water to make oatmeal in your room. You can even add protein powder and nuts to give it some flare. When you are making your coffee or tea, add collagen! Make it a cheap, easy, and filling breakfast that’s macro-friendly.

  5. MOVE. Even if its just 15 minutes a day of working on a specific body part, it’ll make such a difference in maintaining the good habits you’ve built. Pack a few resistance bands, and download some workout videos to do while you’re away. At the very least, walk whenever you can, those steps add up!

Remember to have fun!

You can have a memorable vacation and eat hotel oatmeal and protein shakes. Go to dinner, and sample the local cuisine, but you don’t have to get uncomfortable and bloated to do so.

You can workout while on vacation and still feel relaxed. Spend less than an hour working out then play on the beach for the whole day!

You can unwind with some cocktails without overdoing it. One or two low cal drinks are great, and will leave you feeling good the next day, instead of hungover and missing out on the vacation itself!

Keep it balanced! Plan ahead. Pack wisely. Live your best life (using these tips), and have the most amazing time!

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