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5 Tips to Keep that Motivational Fire Lit

We all start towards a goal with the best of intentions, and often times, with a great plan in place. But STARTING on track and STAYING on track are 2 completely different things. So what can we do to keep the fire alive and continue working down the path towards our goals? Well, here are some tips to do just that.

1. Define your goal.

Whether you want to reach a certain body fat % , do 100 crunches without stopping, or meditate for 10 minutes without falling asleep – make it SPECIFIC. Then you’ll know when you’re getting closer. Seeing progress is incredibly motivational.

2. Define your timeline.

A goal without a deadline becomes a nice dream that just floats around in the future. If you want to get it done, you need to give your goal priority. Set a date for completion and your entire mindset shifts. When you set your deadline, you can work backwards from there and measure out what needs to be accomplished by specific dates.

3. Define your why.

Goals and deadlines are great, but there needs to be a purpose. Why are you willing to go through this? The journey will have plenty of great moments, but it will also have plenty of low moments where you’re going to ask yourself “Is this even worth it?” If your “why” is not deeply rooted in your soul, you will find yourself quitting.

Don't start the process just because you think you should, or for the approval of others. That kind of thinking will have you giving up when times get tough (and they will).

Your “why” does not need to be as numerically specific as your goal. But the “why” needs to be strong enough to pull you back to your feet when you think you can’t keep going.

4. Write.

Writing down what you’re doing every day and how you’re feeling gives you a sense of accomplishment, liking ticking an item off your to-do list. Whether or not you hit all your small goals that day, the act of writing it out allows time for reflection. Often times, we move through life too fast and forget to give ourselves a moment to quietly appreciate how capable we are as humans.

5. Announce your goal to people who will support you.

Private goals have their place, but if you really want to get it done, there’s nothing better than having other people keep you accountable, or even join you in your journey. The key thing here is to find trustworthy and supportive people who will keep you on track. You don’t need to tell the negative people in your life who would rather derail you. Tell the people who you know will encourage you to succeed.

Find your supporters and let them support you! It could be a family member, friends, or others who may be walking the same path.

I hope these tips help you crush whatever goals you set for yourself!

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Claire Townsend
Claire Townsend

After loosing 8lbs on the challenge at the start of the year I gained 12 back from not being able to attend classes and generally being beyond exhausted every day. Despite being sad that I’m unemployed again, it’s nice to have some time to get back on track. Writing everything down really helps me and having goals on my Apple Watch really helps too.



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