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36 Days of No Excuses! (Advanced)

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Jeder, der alle Schritte abgeschließt, erhält am Ende des Programms ein Abzeichen.


And so it begins! There are 3 daily requirements for this challenge: 1. 6 Days a week you must be active for 36 minutes, both outdoor and indoor exercise counts. 2. You must complete each daily challenge (or step) that is laid out for the next 36 days. Some are additional workouts, others are stretching and meditation. 3. Drink AT LEAST half your bodyweight in ounces of water. Each daily task is quick enough to squeeze in over your lunch break, and simple enough to do from home, a park, or almost anywhere. Use these 36 days to add a little something extra to your regular routine, and build on healthy habits. All it takes is some commitment and dedication to get a little bit better in both mind and body.

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