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21 Day Intermediate Challenge

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Ready to step it up in 2023? Maybe even make it your best year yet?! Our Intermediate Challenge is for those who have been consistent in working out but are ready to step up a level to more HIIT and light weight training. Not only will you be working out, you'll also be required to spread kindness, either to yourself or to someone around you. We're all about holistic wellness; body, mind, and soul. You deserve it, and so do your friends and family!♥️ For workouts, you'll be going through 36-40 minute HIIT workouts (3x/week), as well as, short, self-paced circuits we like to call "burnouts". Each burnout will require dumbbells, or resistance bands. If you don't have weights handy, grab some canned food, water bottles, or whatever you can find around the house! At the end of each week, don't forget to do 10 minutes of Stretch Time with our Stretch Instructor, and get some light outdoor movement! (hopefully you have nice weather😬) We can't wait for you to get started on building more muscle, endurance, and confidence! This challenge is here to help you get closer to your goals, transform your body, and increase your confidence in yourself and your ability to accomplish the things you want most in life. You are powerful and worthy of attaining your goals, and it starts right here.

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